Sumo_169Henry Carlyle performs an incredible stand-up mind reading show. This is a fast moving show that features mind reading and mental illusions with a comedy touch. It’s a fun, interactive show with lots of audience participation and lots of laughs. Pull a dollar bill out of your pocket, Henry reveals the serial number! Take a book into the corner and pick any page and any word…Henry reveals that word. In his magic act, he picks your pocket, in this great show, he picks your brain…


                                                          WITH HIS MIND!



“Wow! Best show of its kind.”             -Tomo, Late Show  w/David Letterman  


“Fantastic!  I’ll tell the owner.”            – Sting,  NYC


“That’s a good one… incredible stuff.”     – Johnny Miller, CBS News


  • Highly interactive, very funny…and mind-blowing!


  • Unique blend of mental illusions and sleight of hand


  • Customized to fit the specific needs of your function.


  • Perfect for business, private parties, country clubs